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Living and breathing electronic music for what has now been twenty years, Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe have carved out a piece of its history and showed us that in the vast spectrum of dance music, where the normal world ends, Extrawelt begins. Their single “Gazelle Flip” on USA based label Dreaming Awake continues their journey into genre defying music. Call it Techno or Electro, but one thing is for sure, this is Extrawelt! , , On Remix duties is none other than Sebastian Mullaert (Minilogue, Son Kite) who takes the track into that deep hypnotic techno place that only he does best! Extending the grooves and melodies into a long and psychedelic masterpiece, but also delivering a gorgeous ambient version under his Wa Wu We moniker and a more stripped down minimal dub version he calls his “Hidden Voices Remix”.

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