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The music of two of the worlds most celebrated composers, Bizet and Saint-Saens, is featured in this fantastic and delightful experience, including Saint-Saens classic for all ages, Carnival of the Animals. This volume of the NAXOS MUSICAL JOURNEY takes you on a wondrous tour of France and Switzerland. From majestic ancient amphitheaters and ruins to magnificent churches, see the haunting woodlands outside Zurich or marvel at the dramatic landscapes of Les Alpilles; delight in the animals of Knies Childrens Zoo or come face to face with loins ath the African Reserve of Sigean. Bizets and Saint-Saens music springs to life with this amazing visual experience rich in wonder, humor and imagination. Saint-Saens: Carnival of the Animals 1. Introduction and Royal March of the Lion (2:23) 2. Hens and Cockerels (0:58) 3. Wild Donkeys (0:38) 4. Tortoises (2:12) 5. The Elephant (1:32) 6. Kangaroos (0:57) 7. Aquarium (2:19) 8. People with Long Ears (0:48) 9. The Cuckoo in the …

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