Stars Wrapped In Skin


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The Definition:Music crew is more than happy to introduce a new member to their artist family and therefore we’re sending a warm welcome to Natascha Polké! Backed by extensive studies in the UK metropolis of London, inspired by artists like Christian Löffler or Jan Blomqvist and drawing from her ever growing DJ & nightlife experience, which already saw Natascha Polké taking over slots at the famed Hive Club and other places, the Zurich-based artist developed a unique approach to what she describes as dreamy, melody-driven Electronica. The title track and opener „Stars Wrapped In Skin“ starts on a complex, melodically intricate level, combining warm, analogue basslines and crystalline motifs for the dancefloor whilst Natascha Polké’s tender and fragile vocals add a certain element of beauty, melancholia and masterly sculpted sonic poetry, no matter if this tune is hammered through a big club P.A. or played on late night radio. „I Don’t Mind“ indulges in deeply felt, most beauteous dancefloor melancholia and turns out to be one perfect closing tune for a long and ecstatic night out that’s about to end way after the wee hours have passed. With „Neverland“ we see Natascha Polké’s love for the dancefloor and huge basslines manifest once again, this time fusing with cascading synth lines and hyper-harmonic arrangements whilst her distinct vocal style harks back to a history of well beloved big time bangers.


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