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Wavelength captures the two dominant threads of the first decade of the 21st century – greed and terrorism. It takes us from the stoops of Brooklyn to the bike paths of Amsterdam, to Afghanistan, Moscow, and Zurich, to the backrooms of Brussels and Frankfurt, and finally to the hazy diwans of Yemen. Dazzled by his new boss, but harboring a soft spot for the Agency, Hayden allows himself to be pulled back in for one more run – a run that reminds him that people aren’t what they seem, a run that reinforces his belief that greed has no sell-by date. Several years after the dot-com funeral pyre, Hayden Campbell, a former CIA operative turned speechwriter, finds himself working for the sixth richest man in the world, Aaron Cannondale. From this perch, Hayden watches as a Dutch student discovers a technology to send voice, video, and data through Europe’s municipal water system. Standing in the way are European technocrats, the Russian mafia, a Swiss banker, and a new breed of terrorist intent on wreaking havoc on the West. ungekürzt. Language: English. Narrator: Shawn West. Audio sample: https://samples.audible.de/bk/acx0/062080/bk_acx0_062080_sample.mp3. Digital audiobook in aax.

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